Eve: What happened to your room?
Carolyn: What do you mean?

Konstantin: Villanelle. Don't break my heart.
Villanelle: Don't break mine. [looks at Eve] You either. [to Konstantin] Who's your favorite?
Konstantin: What:
Villanelle: Me or her [Irina]? It's me, huh, a little bit?

God, it's amazing how efficient things are when you're a dick to people?

Can we at least knock once in case she's naked or something?


Konstantin: I need to find my daughter. She's going to drive that woman crazy.
Kenny: Is she really annoying?
Konstantin: She's so annoying. She's amazing, but so annoying.

Irina: I have decided you are a good person.
Villanelle: Oh really? Why is that?
Irina: Because you are sad, and sad people are usually good because they feel things more.
Villanelle: Oh God. You are one of those profound kids. I am not sad. I have a happy face.

Wait. Are you frightened of your own mother?
Kenny. OF COURSE! Isn't everyone?

Kenny: We need to ask why she wanted us back in London. We need to respect...
Eve: No! We need to ask her what the HELL she was getting out of my girlfriend.

Villanelle: Stick out your thumb. Look vulnerable.
Irina: I AM vulnerable.

Villanelle: Shut up or I'll blow your tiny head to pieces!
Irina: My dad is going to kill you in the face!
Villanelle: No, I am going to kill your dad in the face.
Irina: No, why?
Villanelle: Because you're dad is an arsehole.
Irina: You can't say shit about my dad!
Villanelle: I can!
Irina: You can't!

Carolyn: Do you want a cheese puff?
Kenny: Did you bring them with you?
Carolyn: Always.
Kenny: Are they the normal flavor?
Carolyn: Well, there's only one cheese puff flavor.
Kenny. Oh. OK. No thanks.

Come with me, just you and me. Please. Just you and me.

Killing Eve Quotes

Does anyone in the department speak heroin Polish? No, I'm serious.


OK. Thanks for giving us your Saturday. It turns out people are still murderous bastards on a Sunday.