Miller: Let me tell you something. You're either a wolf in this life or you're a lamb. My father was a lamb. He had a little shop and the wolves in the neighborhood stole everything, and when there was nothing left to steal they'd take my sister into a back room and my father did nothing to stop them. I learned right then and there that I'd rather run with the wolves.
Carisi: Shut up. [Handcuffs Miller]
Miller: I'll be out of these cuffs in an hour.
Benson: You may be surprised. When word gets out that you've been arrested, your friends will turn on you. That's the thing about wolves. No one helps them when they're bleeding.

Dodds: Olivia. I'm not saying you're wrong.
Benson: Then what are you saying?
Dodds: That if we strike at the king and miss, it's both our heads on the chopping block.
Benson: Then let's make sure we don't miss.

Nikki: Rob Miller was right. Everything that happened was consensual.
Rollins: While you were unconscious?

Detective, let me educate you on the concept of judicial privilege. It means what's said here stays here.


Miller: I thought you should know what you're getting into before you put all your eggs in this basket.
Benson: And what am I getting into?
Miller: Did you know Nikki Staines has been cited for contempt four times and on at least one occasion was accused of subjourning perjury?
Benson: Are you calling her a liar?
Miller: No. I like Nikki. But I wanted to give you the opportunity to get ahead of this thing.

Let me get this straight. You want to go on a fishing expedition on the personnel records of 50 cops?


Does Nikki Staines have a point? Should we be looking at one of our own for this?


Carisi: So you really expect us to believe that someone in our department drugged you and assaulted you just to steal your phone?
Staines: I've been threatened by cops before.

Carisi: I understand she's the victim, but I'd rather be on the side of someone who's not suing our department for 50 mil.
Benson: Okay, well that doesn't matter now.

Cop: White female, 40s, says she was assaulted. She was pretty out of it but she asked us to call SVU.
Fin: That's Nikki Staines.
Rollins: Ms. Staines. What happened to you?
Staines: I don't remember. I must have been drugged.

Dodds: Detective. Sergeant. Am I allowed to say how wonderful you look tonight?
Benson: Only if you say the same to Fin and Carisi.

Two hours of glad handling the brass. I am so ready to go home and put my feet up and watch TV.


Law & Order: SVU Quotes

The eggs always think they're smarter than the chicken. I'm not about to confess to something I didn't do, Lieutenant.


Mrs. Mauer: Here's some Latin for you. Like father, like son. Maybe Emerson took after his old man.
Carisi: Did you just throw your son under the bus?