Joe: How could I tell him something like that? I was supposed to be the older brother.
Ben [to Benson]: I could never tell Joe. He would have laughed at me
Joe [to Rollins]: My father? Ha! He was always 'Why didn't you get an A on that test?' He wouldn't have understood.
Benson [to Ben]: What about your mother?
Ben: No! She wouldn't have understood. She would have thought I was dirty. She wouldn't have loved me anymore.

Joe: He confess yet?
Rollins: You mean your brother?
Joe: Who else? He's weak, you know.
Rollins: You needed to protect him?
Joe: Damn straight. And sometimes...
Rollins: Sometimes?
Joe: Sometimes it's hard being the bigger brother.

The eggs always think they're smarter than the chicken. I'm not about to confess to something I didn't do, Lieutenant.


Benson: I can't tell you how many times I've heard things like this from survivors of childhood sexual abuse.
Rollins: Only this one is a 73-year-old hoarder.
Benson: Who might be a victim of childhood sexual abuse. And if he is, he deserves closure.

Man: These computers, they tell you where you are?
Fin: Yeah, I don't get it either. And this Bobby dressed like a girl.
Man: He was a fegula?
Fin: I don't think you can say that word anymore.
Man: Why not? Who does it hurt?
Fin: The people it bothers.
Man: It's just a word.
Fin: Yeah, but words can hurt more than a gun.
Man: Who do they hurt?
Fin: The people they bother.

Brother #1: What'd you do this time?
Carisi: What'd you do with Bobby O'Rourke?
Brother #2: Bobby O'Rourke? He died in 1975.
Brother #1: Don't listen to my brother. He's a putz. Whatever happened, he did it.
Carisi: You're both going to have to come down to the station.
Brother #2: I won't ride with him! I won't! Ask him who he voted for. He voted for GERALD FORD!!!!

Whoever the hell you are, you're in my house. I don't appreciate this.


I figured it's New York, people are allowed to be weird.


Carisi: Bobby was making a lot of money off that book. Why would he go back to the streets?
Benson: Cause it's all he knows.
Carisi: Or someone was forcing him back into hooking.

Benson: Tell us what happened.
Will: I killed him. I hit him over and over and over with a brick.
Benson: We know that. What we want to know is what happened
Will: I'm not gay!

Carisi: Maybe another writer was jealous.
Fin: Enough to kill?
Carisi: Faulkner would have killed Gore Vidal out of principle.

It's such a tragedy. Bobbie would have been one of the greats. William S. Burroughs. People who show the world as it is, not as it should be.

Bookstore manager

Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 10 Quotes

Carisi: Any signs of rape?
Benson: No.
Carisi: So what are we doing here?
Benson: She isn't a she, at least not physically. We may be looking at a hate crime.

Cop: It's a nasty one, Sonny.
Carisi: Aren't they all?