Benson: You know, I was on the subway platform today and I saw these two cockroaches pulling at a piece of bread. Finally the bread tore and fell onto the tracks, and neither bug got their dinner.
Cabot: Are you proposing we work together?
Benson: I could never do what you do.
Cabot: And I can't stop.

Doctor: You made the right decision.
Peter: And if I'd stopped the meds?
Doctor: That would have been the right decision too. Sometimes the only wrong decision is to do nothing at all.

Stone: Tomorrow you and I will get up, brush our teeth, comb our hair, and go get another bad guy.
Benson: It makes you want to oversleep.

Benson: This is America, Alex. You can't just lock people up.
Cabot: He made bail on the assault charges.
Benson: As is his right! Maybe you're too busy with your mission to keep up with the Eighth Amendment.

Cabot: You could have lied, Liv.
Benson: I couldn't. I took an oath.
Cabot: So what? The whole thing is fiction. Tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is something we tell people to make them think the criminal justice gives a damn about who did what to whom.

You're not breaking the law, Olivia. You're using it to save Jules' life.


Benson: You can't break the law, Alex.
Cabot: Why the hell not?
Benson: Because it makes you a criminal.
Cabot: You gonna arrest me?

Carisi: It's always the guys who look like they got it together. My sister Gina lived with this guy Johnny for years. Johnny used to make these pies, bring them over for Thanksgiving. We used to watch baseball games together. He was part of the family for so long.
Benson: He cheated on her?
Carisi: Three different women.

A guy like Hunter? A night in Rikers should make him talk. Arrest him for murder.


Carisi: DNA came back. Your wife's blood is all over that car and your fingerprints are on the steering wheel.
Nick: What does that mean? I own the damn car.

I've known Nick since college. I was actually the one who introduced them. He was the perfect guy. Most popular, most athletic, most likely to make the Forbes 100. But he has a dark side.


Rollins: I almost dyed my hair purple in college.
Carisi: What were you gonna do, audition to be the sixth Spice Girl?
Rollins: I would have made an excellent back-up vocalist.

Law & Order: SVU Season 19 Episode 18 Quotes

Doctor: It's called tachycardia dyspensia. It's a side effect of long-term anti-psychotic use. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but sometimes increasing the dosage can help.
Peter: What about taking her off the medication altogether?
Doctor: We could do that, but your sister is severely psychotic. Last time she went off her meds, she attempted suicide.
Peter: Whatever you think is best.
Doctor: I can't make this decision for you. Your father gave you the power of attorney to make decisions like this.

Carisi: Did you recognize the voice?
Man: After 10 years of marriage, I think I know my wife's voice.
Carisi: No, I meant the male voice.