I'm afraid Duck Philips has tricked me into a job interview. I stand by my analysis, but I'm happy where I am.


Let's take it a night at a time. I'm an optimist.


Hobart: No. Find a way to get along, or you can expect a letter from our lawyer.
Joan: I wonder how many women around here would like to speak to a lawyer. I think the Equal Opportunity Commission has one.
Hobart: Women love it here. You want to threaten us? You'll be all alone.
Joan: No. I think the second I file a complaint, I'll have the ACLU in my office. And Betty Friedan in the lobby with half the women who marched down Fifth Avenue. I guess you didn't see the headline about what happened at Ladies' Home Journal. Or Newsweek.

Peggy: It just looks good now, but it was miserable when you were in it. Trust me.
Roger: Is that really how you're gonna remember this place?
Peggy: No.

Peggy: Would you drink vermouth?
Roger: Yes, I'm afraid I would.

It's a big place and I asked the wrong person for help and I don't think I can get our of it.


Ferg: Joan, see it from his side. He has a wife and three children, he's not gonna work for a girl. What's he gonna say to a client? She's my boss?
Joan: It happens all the time now. Peggy Olson was our Peggy Chief.
Ferg: It's different with a bunch of writers fresh out of Columbia. And honestly, I doubt that's gonna continue here anyway.

Jim: Have you said it yet?
Don: What?
Jim: Have you introduced yourself?
Don: I'm Don Draper from McCann Erickson.

Meredith: What is going on? There are rumors flying like bats around here!
Don: What have you heard?
Meredith: Nothing from you! Are we going to McCann and am I going with you?!

Stan: What did you do?
Peggy: I'm here and...he's with a family somewhere. I don't know, but it's not because I don't care. I don't know, because you're not supposed to know...or you can't go on with your life.

Roger: I'd like to make a toast. To Lou Avery: The Japs are going to eat him alive.

I don't think you understand what's happened. It's done. You passed the test. You are getting five of the most coveted jobs in advertising and all of the resources that go with it; travel, adventure and international presence. I shouldn't have to sell you on this. You are dying and going to advertising heaved. Buick. Ortho Pharmaceutical. Nabisco. Coca Cola. Stop struggling. You won.


Mad Men Quotes

It's been a pleasure working with you all. I wish you the best of luck.


Michael: I feel bad for you.
Don: I don't think about you at all.