You had no right to fill a man like that with ambition.

Mrs. Pryce (to Don)

You wanna be somebody's discovery, not somebody's wife.

Don (to Megan)

Beth: I knew you'd show.
Pete: Because I'm pathetic?

Everything you think's gonna make you happy, just turns to crap.


I'll buy you a drink if you wipe the blood off your mouth.


You gonna tell me what you're gonna talk about, or is my look of surprise part of the sales pitch?


Don: Why do we do this?
Roger: For the sex, but it's always disappointing.

I already said no, or should I leave so you all can do whatever you want?


This is a big win for your little agency.


That may be enough money to turn your head and I just want to discourage you.


The conversation doesn't end just because you leave the room.

Pete [to Don]

Save the fiction for your stories.

Peggy [to Ken]

Mad Men Season 5 Quotes

Clients are right all of the sudden? I don't recognize that man. He's kind...and patient.


Don: So when you're 40, how old will I be?
Bobby: You'll be dead.