Elizabeth: It's a classic negotiating tactic. The more I chase after him, the more control he has over the discussion. Secretary Albright actually taught me that one.
Nadine: I believe it was, uh, Wendy Rogers who taught me another classic negotiating tactic. If a guy won't talk to you, send in a close companion to bridge the gap.
Elizabeth: Wendy Rogers?
Nadine: The most popular girl in sixth grade.

Elizabeth: We apologized. It's forgotten.
Russell: Really? The French forget? 'Cause every representative they send over here still manages to bring up "Freedom fries" at least once.

Elizabeth: And my remarks will be rich with praise for everything French?
Matt: Rich and thick like a fine béarnaise.

Blake: Good morning, ma'am. Russell Jackson's office needs your approval on this.
Elizabeth: Coffee?
Blake: Café au lait. The White House barista has been practicing for the state dinner.
Elizabeth: It's coffee with milk.
Blake: The French are picky...and easily insulted.

Allison: Forget it. I'll just power through, and develop an ulcer, and later in life, I'll send you a bill for all my therapy.
Elizabeth: [pause] Do you want to go to therapy?

Allison: So, Dad's just never coming back then?
Elizabeth: Yes, I forgot to tell you that your father's taken the cutest little apartment in the Pentagon.

Daisy: Whew. Okay, so let's see. We busted a stalker, we rescued some priceless artifacts, took the fight to HS and saved Algeria, and we held together our most vital military alliance.
Matt: All without offending the French.

Loyalty is a tough thing to predict in this town.


God, I hate hope.