Grace: With all due respect, this is my son, and if you do anything to jeopardize him coming home to me safely, I swear to God, you’ll wish you didn’t wake up this morning.
Jared: Don’t look at me.

Saanvi: I have more than enough proof to go public.
The Major: Careful, Saanvi. Those are the kinds of threats that get people killed.

Ben, I’m sorry. What more do you want from me? I’m already dying inside.


Ben: We don’t have a choice.
Mic: If we have zero control over what we do than what was the point of us coming back in the first place?

Major: Saanvi? To what do I owe this surprise?
Saanvi: You have something I want.

He wants a final celebration instead of being hooked up to the machines at the hospital.


Flight 828, it just blew up all over again.


It was hard for me to process too, but I’ve come to accept it. But this last year has been a blessing, I got to make peace with my past, make amends with you and dad, found Michaela. I’ve never had one day in my whole entire life where I’ve just celebrated the moment. To go out knowing that I married the great love of my life and to have you there supporting me, I couldn’t ask for anything more.


Mic: Is this mom’s veil?
Ben: It is.
Grace: I mean that’s a big sign if there ever was one.

I don’t think you understand. I’m not hiding from her, I’m coming after her.


You must really be desperate for answers. A science guy looking for answers in the bible.


Jared: Mic, why does it always feel like you gotta justify the Calling?
Mic: Because I gotta believe they’re good, Jared.

Manifest Quotes

Michaela: I am still the same screw-up you said goodbye to in Jamaica.
Grace: The universe just gave all of us a giant do-over. Everything that happened before goes out the window.

Ben: Why are you fighting this when all it's gonna do is make you happy? That's all we want for you.
Michaela: That was really sweet of you. You must be drunk.