Price: Want to tell me what's going on?
Whiterose: I thought we'd start with a drink.

Mr. Robot: How we doing?
Darlene: Deus members should be arriving.
Mr. Robot: You think they're on to us?

I was hoping we could talk. It's about your friend, Angela.


I've had a fucking rough night as well.


Destruction can be so productive.


Elliot, look at me. We have to go.


How many of them have to die before you buckle?


Look, Cunt Stick, there's no way I'm giving up my brother


I'm gonna take over New York, and you are gonna be by my side when I do.


I've been waiting for this moment for a while now.


Elliot: Wait, stop, don't touch her.
Mr. Robot: You wanna talk, let's talk.

I could stick up a few joints to get the money.


Mr. Robot Quotes

You see, I'm a mercenary. I don't play fair. I play what I want. You deal with a mercenary, then all decorum gets tossed out the window. So you go ahead with your cute threats and your watch beeps. Order will not protect you anymore, my friend. I will rain chaos, even if it hurts me. Because I would rather see you lose than win myself. Oh. That's all the time I have.

Philip Price

Tyrell: Elliot! I believe in fate. There's a reason we met. There's something between us. I can see it.
Elliot: You're only seeing what's in front of you. You're not seeing what's above you.