Nancy: Maybe I am more Hudson than Drew.
Carson: You're my daughter. And you can still do the right thing. You may have their blood, but you're a Drew at heart.
Nancy: Thanks, Dad. I really needed to hear that from you.

Nick: "Nick Nickerson. Good at building stuff. Suspect in a murder investigation, but don't worry, you are innocent.
George: Want to trade? I have a dead French lady inside me.

Nick: I killed someone. I had to learn it from Ace's dad. Not from my friends. Not my girlfriend. Is it...Is it because you're ashamed of me?
George: No, no, no. Anything but that. Look, I didn't know how to tell you about the worst trauma of your life. I didn't want you to have to go through that again.

Ace: I'm running software to try and track down the troll master.
Bess: And I'm scrolling through Instagram while we wait. Since we're all announcing what we're doing.

Grant: Oh, this is not food-free.
Ace: You're not food-free, Grant!

So I'm a lying millionaire who couch-hops and has no home?


Ryan: Is Nancy in trouble?
Ace: She's okay. Just a...little boy crazy.

Being in this state, it increases blood flow and raises body heat, but what does that mean? Is it making me feel attracted? Or is it intensifying feelings of attraction that I already had but was repressing just in the moment that I need to stay chaste because I want to keep my clothes on because I want to get into college?!

Ace: Nancy, it's a net.
Nancy: Who's Annette? I'll kill her!

Bess: You couldn't do this in your day, right?
Odette: They would have killed me just for holding your hands. They did kill me.

Nancy: Thanks for having coffee with me, Ms. Samuels.
Bess: So, do you have the headline for the society profile, yet? I was thinking, "Ryan It on for Size."
Ace: "The Prodigal Hudson Returns."
Bess: Or, "The Hudson Also Rises."
Nancy: I think that Ms. Samuels has got it covered.
Ace: Just..Ryan to help.

Art Gallery Worker: Restrooms are for clients only.
Nancy: Oh.
Ace: That's a shame cause we'd heard great things about your restrooms.

Nancy Drew Quotes

Nancy: Nick and I are seeing each other. He seems to have an issue with me not acknowledging this publicly and has decided now is the time to rectify this.
Nick: Consider it rectified. I feel much better.

Carson: I've just been buried at work.
Nancy: Poor word choice, given recent events.