Nick: Our party was a hit. You and I make a great team.
George: Well, I did most of the work. So...
Nick: And that's why I need you. What do you say?

Nick: I live for your tuna melts.
George: Pretty sad.

Bess: Guess he's not endgame after all.
Nancy: I am only disappointed because of the task at hand.
Bess: Yeah, you keep telling yourself that.

Nick: Were you up all night? I didn't know you were going to keep working.
George: You didn't ask. You just left. I'm good.
Nick: Are we good?
George: Sure. I just have a lot to get done.
Nick: Hey, don't push me away just because I want to help.

Carson: Please, let this go.
Nancy: You know me better than that.

Maybe a good person does their best to help as many people as possible. And I've seen your best, Nancy. There is nothing like it.


Everett: Find out what Owen thinks he has.
Nancy: Don't you have people who usually do this kind of stuff for you?
Everett: Yes, I do. And he's in jail. You want my help getting him out, or not?

And, as me accepting you, that ship has totally sailed.


Nancy: Why do you guys always show up? When I very explicitly ask you not? I mean, somebody could have gotten seriously hurt.
Ace: Because that's what friends do. They show up. Except for Bess.
Bess: Hey! I was dealing with a delicate family situation.
Ace: Nancy, I might still be in a coma if it weren't for you.
George: When I got possessed by Tiffany, you chose me over questioning a ghost about her own murder. You saved my life.
Bess: And you let me live with you when I had nowhere else to go.
Nick: You helped me find what Tiffany left for me. And you didn't turn me into the cops, even when you had reason to.

I failed my driver's test the first time I took it. My dad drove me home, so I was really surprised when I looked up and we were in the parking lot of my favorite ice cream shop, which was closed. But my dad had called the owner and he came out with a pint of my favorite flavor. And my dad told me that it was okay to fail.

Your father's a murderer. But you're not your father, are you?


I believe there is a serial poisoner operating in our town, and I have a message for them. I cracked your cipher. You wanna play a game? Fine. Let's play. But I'm changing the rules. I'm giving you the name of your next victim. Nancy Drew. So, prove to me you're as good as you think you are. Come and get me.

Nancy Drew Quotes

Bess: That was definitely not a fuse, Nancy.
Nancy: It was something.
Bess: Well, I think it was a message from Lucy like the time she told you not to go into the morgue.

Nancy: Nick and I are seeing each other. He seems to have an issue with me not acknowledging this publicly and has decided now is the time to rectify this.
Nick: Consider it rectified. I feel much better.