If it was a Hudson...I was scared of what they'd do to us.


For a dirty cop, you clean up too thoroughly.

Nancy: Bess, can you unlock this, please?
Bess: What makes you think I know his passcode?
Nancy: You two are that kind of close.

George: What are you doing?
Nancy: Last time we talked, Ace and I had a difficult conversation.
George: About what?
Nancy: He felt like he was letting us down, and he wanted to prove something. Trying to figure out if Laura was connected to Tiffany's death. That's why he was with her.

Owen: Have dinner with me.
Nancy: Owen, I'm not available. My heart belongs to a certain mechanic with very good cheekbones.
Owen: He's a lucky guy.

George: As long as I've known her she's always had this big walls up. You can stand next to her and never get close.
Nick: I thought I did.

Nancy: How did they handle it?
Ryan: The same way they handled everything back then. Carson Drew.

Nick: Tiffany's records let me to those coins. She wanted me to find them.
Nancy: I believe you. But those coins will not help solve Tiffany's murder and they're my only shot at getting answers about Lucy. I'm sorry.
George: Chin up, Sparky. At least she said, "I'm sorry."

Nick: Why is she being so-
George: Relentless? Single-minded? Nick, that's who Nancy is.

Turn that down! Your sister's fighting off a ghost!


Nick: Nancy won't give up on finding out what happened. And neither will I. I don't want to ask you to go, but I can't let George die. I'll stay with you. I'll stay with you 'till the end.
Tiffany: Keep Laura safe.
Nick: I promise you, I will.

Bad news, Tiffany doesn't like you. The good news is Tiffany's dead! So...I'm sorry Nick. The other bad news is that Tiffany's spirit has been hitching a ride in your body. Intermittently.


Nancy Drew Quotes

Nancy: Nick and I are seeing each other. He seems to have an issue with me not acknowledging this publicly and has decided now is the time to rectify this.
Nick: Consider it rectified. I feel much better.

Carson: I've just been buried at work.
Nancy: Poor word choice, given recent events.