DeChamps: Please. I would never give up San Diego for you.
Sam: That's harsh.
Callen: A little.

On the bright side, I can't wait to hear what Catherine has to say about this. What? Too soon?

DeChamps [to Sam]

See? There are layers beneath all that muscle.

DeChamps [to Sam]

I feel like you guys usually have more by now.


Callen: That's a pretty thin needle to spread.
Sam: The things people will do for money.

Sam: We love technical.
Callen: Pretty much our happy place.

Deeks: The murder must have been hard for you.
Carla: It wasn't great.

Nell: I didn't know how to tell you so I just ripped the band-aid off.
Eric: Well, consider it ripped.

Callen [to Eric]: Nell and I were having a moment.
Nell: Which you clearly murdered.

Nell: What if I can't find [Anna]?
Callen: Then I'll know I was too late.

Settle down, Diplo.

Kensi [to Deeks]

Callen: Deeks, can you create a distraction?
Deeks: As long as I can make it fashion.

NCIS: Los Angeles Quotes

Kensi: You couldn't have gotten him a salad or something healthier?
Deeks: He's an American now. We've got to get his body-mass index up.

You guys are looking pretty cute right now. I'm not gonna lie.

Deeks [to Nell]