Guns and alcohol, what could go wrong?


Huh. Look at that. "Captain Ahab was here."

Callen [to Sam]

I mean, it's five o'clock somewhere, huh? Bottoms up!


I dig seasons.


Sam: Speak for yourself. I've already quit once this year.
Callen: And yet you're back.
Sam: Touche.

You'll have to forgive my wife. Couture and happy hour are her two favorite things.


Deeks: I've got to be honest. This is oddly entertaining.
Kensi: I never liked reality shows.

If I push it any harder, it's going to blow.

Eric [in a Scottish accent]

Kensi: So we're missing something.
Deeks: Yeah. Free cocktails.

Thanks for believing in me.

Byron [to Sam]