Wifey? Light of my life? Sugarbear?


Deeks: Really? Bra holster?
Kensi: Really? Furry handcuffs?
Deeks: Little gift from our friends.

It's Rob and Bob. I should have known. Their macaroons sucked, no way they are gay.


Aunt Hetty definitely warned me about her.


Kensi: And, take that off.
Deeks: All right.
Kensi: (gasps) Oh, my God, not your pants.
Deeks: What? Oh, my bad. Thought you wanted me to take my pants off.
Kensi: I can't believe you just did that.

Kensi: Is that a fanny pack?
Deeks: No, it's a bro-sack.

You got techno blaring, there's blood running throughout the entire house. It's like an episode of Dexter in here.


I don't think my soul mate is a mouse click away.


Baked cookies my ass!


Don't you have a jacket or something? I don't need the whole neighborhood checking out my wife.


Callen: Now, we know where to go if we need a Deeks replacement.
Sam: Can't we just get one from the pound like last time?

I'm not scared of Hetty.