Deeks: I was just gonna see if you were good.
Kensi: Yeah. You?
Deeks: I'm good if you're good.
Kensi: I'm good.
Deeks: Okay. That's good. We're good. Which is, you know, great.
Kensi: I'm glad we cleared that up. See ya tomorrow.

Callen: I'm sorry. Did I miss something? Who are these guys?
Kensi: They aren't guys. They're WODs. W-O-Ds.
Callen: Is that like a B-F-F with an S-T-D?
Kensi: W-O-D is Work Out of the Day.

Callen: You would have made a great mother, Hetty.
Hetty: I like to think I have.

I was attacked by a hell hound.



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Callen: She's good.
Sam: She's very good.

You smell like Sunshine and gun powder. Two of my favorite things.


Eww. You're like a wet dog.


Looks like she tickled your pickle.


Never judge a man until you walk a mile in his pumps.


Callen: It's hard to find good friends in our line of work.
Hetty: It's hard to find them anywhere.

I trusted my training.