If you're looking for justice for your family, this is not the way.

Hannah [to Amy]

[Aaron] stood in the way of progress, and I wasn't going to let that happen.

Eddie [to Amy]

Are they having a bulk sale at Suits R Us?

Gregorio [to Sebastian]

LaSalle: BIg shoes to fill. But Hannah is holding her own.
Loretta: I think Pride would approve.

Pride: What do ya got?
Loreta: Don't you think that should be Hannah's concern?

Sebastian: That doesn't sound like Klingon.
Carmen: You're quite the detective.

Gregorio: Is this a witness interview or a date?
Sebastian: An interview. Definitely an interview.

If you get yourself killed, leave me the house.

Gregorio [to Sebastian]

Gregorio: Better?
Sebastian: No. It's still too hot.

Listen, guys, don't shoot. [Carmen's] British Intelligence. She's on our side.

Sebastian [to LaSalle and Gregorio]

Gregorio: She's a professional manipulator.
Sebastian: Says the woman who fell for a professional manipulator ... twice.

Pride: Remember the most important part of this mission.
Sebastian: Stay alive?
Pride: Stay quiet.

NCIS: New Orleans Quotes

Pride: Take Brody, learn things. What the hell are you waiting for?
LaSalle: Well you did offer breakfast.

Pride: Go grab your coat and hat. We’ll take a walk. We’ll talk.
Parks: I got nothing to say, old friend.