Does he have an off switch?

Wendy [pointing to Elvis]

Elvis [to Wendy]: I was 30 before I got my first felony.
Pride: That's not a good thing, Elvis.

Pride: Any way to figure out where they're buying [tickets]?
Wendy: Yeah, but I may need to break a few more laws to do it.

Elvis: My therapist says hacking is my love language.
Pride: Some people just pick up the phone.

Just say yes already. I can't stand these puppy-dog eyes.


Hey! Let's order tacos!

Elvis [to Gregorio]

Sebastian: How is Wendy Cotts your daughter?
Elvis: Well, Sebastian, when a man and a woman ...

I'm like the fifth Beatle.


Seems to me what you need to do right now is find this woman. I'm just sayin'.


All I do on the weekends is play video games.

Sebastian [to LaSalle]

I see your organization skills continue to be ... unique.

Loretta [to Pride]

He was the one that held us together. And now he's gone. They're all gone.