Don't say anything, King. You did everything for this city. It's time to let them do something for you.

LaSalle [to Pride]

Do me a favor. Don't do me any favors. And lose my number.

Isler [to Pride]

I'm not going to judge you, Douglas. I'm going to let the justice system do that.

Pride [to Hamilton]

No matter what you think of me, we both love New Orleans!

Hamilton [to Pride]

How'd you get this feed? Never mind.

Isler [to Patton]

Hamilton: I'm going to be under nine feet of water.
Pride: Then you'd better hope I save the day.

You're not going to push these people out. You're going to flood them out.

Pride [to Hamilton]

Percy: I hate it, but it kind of makes sense.
Isler: Thanks for your generosity of spirit.

Hamilton: I'm going to get that shipyard one way or another.
Congresswoman: We'll see.

Stone: Expecting the good mayor?
Pride: Nope. I knew Hamilton was too much of a coward.

With all the people you've pissed off in your life, you'd think at least you'd lock your doors.

to Pride}

Pride: Bug's in Hamilton's pocket.
Patton: Reading him loud and clear. And he is pissed.
Pride: So am I.