These are the only kids I have left.

GIbbs [to Vance]

Director, what is going on?

McGee [to Vance]

You hang in there, amigo.

GIbbs [to Torres]

Gibbs: I don't care about the investigation.
Nurse: Then family after all.

Waste makes me angry and stupid waste makes me stupid angry.


Torres: I hate math.
McGee: But you love kicking down doors.

What kind of magic do you think I do down here?

Kasie [to Bishop]

Which bottom line kept you traveling around the parking lot twice?

Vance [to Geary]

I don't know how to do anything else.

Murphy [to Jack]

Ian: I was told this assistant M.E. position was for dead bodies.
Murphy: Sorry for being alive.

You didn't you to think of me like that, did you?

Palmer [to Gibbs]

Hey, did I mention [Murphy] blew up her ex-boyfriend?


NCIS Season 17 Quotes

Well, what did I do to piss her off? Zero intel.

Gibbs [to Ziva]

Ziva, where you been?