Palmer: Did I mention I got 14 minutes of sleep last night?
Torres: Twice.

McGee: Boss, you're a member of the cut club?
Gibbs: Oh, hell no. But I wish you luck though.

Weeks: Thanks for not shooting me.
Gibbs: I probably would have missed.

My boys went down swinging.

Vance [to McGee]

Vance: You have a nice day too.
McGee: She didn't really say, "Have a nice day," did she?

That's all right. I didn't have much to do today.

Briggs [to Gibbs]

You're not going to catch her. She's too smart.


Why would you put that image in my head?

McGee [to Torres]

Kasie: I can only think of one reason why a pilot would eject below radar.
Torres: To fake her own death.

What if they cut the wrong wire?

Torres [to McGee]

Don't make us come looking.

Gibbs [to Ziva]

Tell [Bishop] how you feel, you wuss.

Ziva [to Torres]

NCIS Season 17 Quotes

Well, what did I do to piss her off? Zero intel.

Gibbs [to Ziva]

Ziva, where you been?