Phineas [to Gibbs]: Rule 9: Always carry a knife. Just like you taught me.

Ziva, look at me. You're ready.


Jimmy: I wish Sahar could have given us more.
Ziva: She could only take.

Nobody ask me about me until we find that kid, you got that?

Gibbs [to Jack]

Let me guess. You're a doctor.

Torres [to suspect]

Mind if I join you?

Ziva [to Gibbs]

You can skip cause of death. I can tell you that.

Gibbs [to Jimmy]

It's likely Phineas took out the SIM card. Maybe he learned some things when he visited here.


You need psychological care, Gibbs.

Jack [to Gibbs]

What isn't clear is what happened to you. Your head is not on straight.

Gibbs [to Ziva]

That is the thing about love. Even if it is not returned, it never goes away.

Adam [to Ziva]

This is not about who's feeling what, Jack.

Gibbs [to Jack]

NCIS Season 17 Quotes

Well, what did I do to piss her off? Zero intel.

Gibbs [to Ziva]

Ziva, where you been?