Adam has kept Tali safe too, by watching over me.

Ziva [to Gibbs]

Maybe you could say hi next time rather than lurking in the corner like an evil leprechaun.

Kasie [to Jimmy]

The thing is panic strikes when it wants.

Ziva [to Gibbs]

You know, you need help with anything, I'm here.

Gibbs [to Sarah]

Come on! I like the spunk!

Zir [to Bishop]

Suck my glitter!


If that's my mom, tell her I want to stay longer.

Phineas [to Gibbs]

I've never seen so many dead teddy bears in all my life. Does his mother know about this?

McGee [to Gibbs]

Phineas: I slept over last night.
Torres: Why? You being punished?

You're present and engaged. That's all Phineas really needs.

Jack [to Gibbs]

You're in video-game purgatory.

Bishop [to McGee]

Why is she so scared? Is my dad going to take me away?

Phineas [to Gibbs]

NCIS Season 17 Quotes

Well, what did I do to piss her off? Zero intel.

Gibbs [to Ziva]

Ziva, where you been?