Self-care saves lives. It might not be the New Amsterdam way, but it's my way. 


You guys are like the perfect family.


Iggy: Any idea why your wife thinks you're so dangerous?
Brendan: Yeah, because I almost killed her. 

Lauren: Heyyy?!
Helen: I have no idea what you're talking about. 

Agnes: Maybe your hand just grazed your leg accidentally.
Kapoor: This woman definitely cupped my buttocks. 

Brendan: Do you own a gun? Do you own a gun?
Iggy: That's not... this is not about me.
Brendan: Are you sure about that? Tell me, are you in favor of open- carry? What about the second amendment?
Iggy: Brendan --
Brendan: I'm the one whose house got broken into. I'm the one whose rights are being stripped away, and you sit there and claim to be impartial, but from over here, it sure as hell seems like you're another bleeding heart liberal who made up his mind the second he heard the word gun.

Kapoor: Iggy, I need your advice. 
Iggy: Actually, Vijay, I'm going through something big.
Kapoor: I am being sexually propositioned by a patient's wife.
Iggy: My God, everyone has such good comebacks today. 

Yes, Brendan, I am a bleeding heart liberal New York doctor. That's true. But I also have no problem with the second amendment. I have absolutely no problem with responsible gun ownership, which is why I need you to start answering my questions. You think you deserve that Glock? Let me help you get it back.


Iggy: So you lowered the gun.
Brendan: No, I just kept it there. Just trained on her for a second or two. You should have seen her face.
Iggy: Did you ever think about pulling the trigger?
Brendan: No, of course not. I just wanted to scare her. I wanted her to feel like I did for once, powerless.

All we can do as parents really I mean is try to pass down the best of ourselves to our kids in the limited time we have.


Karen: Tough case?
Kapoor: As a woman who has lived a full life, and who is vital and attractive, you will understand how at a certain age, people will stop seeing you as someone with wants, and desires, and passions. We're not invisible. I am sorry, Madam chairwoman, for speaking out of turn
Karen: Goodnight, Dr. Kapoor.

Lauren: It's not my birthday.
Jeanie: Did I get the day wrong? 
Lauren: You got the season wrong.