It seems that, somewhere along the way, everyone around here forgot the only thing that matters. You're criminals, and you deserve nothing. And if I have to make an example out of each and every one of you to get this place back in order... well, that will be my pleasure.


I forgave him. And you know what? It ain't about him. I forgave him for me.


Look, I still got some time left here, but I'm getting out eventually, and it feels like it's time to start focusing on that. Make sure I have a plan.


Caputo: Listen to me. This isn't for someone like you. This place crushes anything good. It's like a monster that's grown too big for its stubby little legs, and now it's stumbling around crushing whole cities. You can't survive it Bayley.
Bayley: Are you the city or the monster, sir?
Caputo: Neither. Both, I... Even if you're the city now, one day you'll be the monster. Working here changes who you are.

I've really tried so hard, but the harder I try, the worse things seem to get.


People don't change. I should know. My mom sent me to gay conversion camp.


Caputo: You've never actually been to Litchfield, have you? Have you ever been in any prison.
Linda: It never seemed necessary.

Red: Useful how?
Piscatella: Anything would be appreciated.
Red: Aspirin reduces your risk of heart attack...but can be toxic in large amounts.

Piscatella: Sorry to keep you waiting.
Red: Well, don't be. I was enjoying the ambience. So I'm back in the Kremlin.

Did your mother put the whiskey in the baby bottle, or did she just mix it in with the dog food she fed you?

Nicky [to Pennsatucky]

You are really good at lying to yourself.

Pennsatucky [to Nicky]

Coates: It's just a job, man, and it's not a very good one.
Bayley: Well, it's definitely different than I thought it'd be. Like, so sad that it's almost supernatural.