Claire: My God. He wrote with a ball point pen.
Ian: What's a ball point pen? Who or what are you?
Claire: Ian. I come from another time. I come from the future. Two hundred years from now.
Ian: I, I knew you were a fairy auntie.
Claire: I'm not a fairy.
Ian: Then, you, Roger, and Brianna; it's all of you.

Roger: Each strand of this rope is delicate and fragile, but braided together, it's strong and will hold us.
Bree: Let's hope so.

Jamie: Your special perfume. You wanted me, and I fell asleep without touchin' ya. I'm sorry Sassenach.
Claire: It's alright. You were tired.
Jamie: You could've raised me from the dead for this.

Jamie: Do you really think they'll go then?
Claire: [nods] Brianna promised Roger. As soon as they knew if Jemmy could travel.

Brianna: Alright. I guess we need to figure out what we're going to tell people. We can't just go poof.
Roger: That's exactly what we will do, though, isn't it? If things go right.

After your mother left me with you in her belly, I never thought I'd see you. But I kenned you were there. I'm a husband, and a father, and now, I'm a grandsire. And even though I may never see any of you again, you have made my life whole.


Bonnet: So the monster prevails.
Bree: Well, it depends on who you think is the monster -- the man hellbound on revenge of the whale, who is hunted.
Bonnet: The sea is a treacherous place where creatures prey upon one another. And the sea, herself is hungry for souls.
Bree: What does that mean?
Bonnet: A nightmare. The sea, it calls for me. Darkness closes in. I cannot move. No one comes. No one ever comes.
Bree: It's only a dream.
Bonnet: So you don't think any less of me for tellin' ya?
Bree: No. I could never think any less of you.

Brianna? Was that mercy, or was it to make sure he's dead?


Bree: You can't make someone love you.
Bonnet: I've heard the expression 'learn to love.' Perhaps you could learn to love me for the sake of our son. I think I could learn to love you.

I want to do right by you and him -- to be a real father.


Bonnet: When we're at River Run, we'll have better servants to do this for us.
Bree: You mean slaves.
Bonnet: Is it the master of the house that's supposed to do it?

Bonnet: What I need is something I can't buy.
Bree: A moral compass?
Bonnet: To make sure our son knows what to do, to know how to get on in the world. You can show me how to be in your world and in his. Hm? Show me what to do. Hm? How to be a worthy gentleman. And no harm will come to ya.
Bree: Why do you want to be a gentleman?
Bonnet: You saw something in me. You were drawn to me. We were drawn to each other. That's why fate has brought us together again and again. To be parents to Jeremiah.
Bree: You know his name?

Outlander Quotes

Don't play the worm with me. Jamie, I just want this to be a pleasant experience for us both.


I've always known I've lived a like different from other men. When I was a lad I saw no path before me, I simply took a step and then another. Ever forward, ever onward, rushing toward someplace I knew not where. And one day I turned around and looked back and saw that each step I'd taken was a choice, to go left, to go right, to go forward or even to not go at all. Every day every man has a choice between right and wrong, between love and hate, and sometimes between life and death and the sum of those choices becomes your life. The day I realized that is the day that I became a man.