Jamie: No, I said I won't have you dying for nothing.
Murtagh: I won't be. I'll be dying with you.

So you're saying my ancestors are actually the war chief that you spoke of and the witch?


Look, you told me that you could never get close to your mother, that she lived in another world. Well, maybe she's trying to show you that world.


Brianna: So you believe she traveled 200 years into the past? Through a stone?
Roger: It's not important if I believe it. She believes it. I'm just saying, we need to keep an open mind.
Brianna: How about we keep an open tab, instead?

Only two people know what the truth really is, and one of them is dead. Too bad it wasn't you.


Mrs. Graham had warned me not to chase ghosts, and so I hadn't. But now that I was here, the ghosts were starting to chase me.


Roger: Can I ask you something? How do you do it? Finally say goodbye to that one person you loved most in all the world?
Claire: Truth is, I've never been very good at saying goodbye. But that's the hell of it, isn't it? Whether you want to say goodbye or not, they're gone and you have to go on living without them. Because that's what they would want.

Jamie loved you very much. Even though he never met you, he loved you with all his heart, and he would have raised you, well, if it wasn't...if it wasn't...for the Battle of Culloden.


That day at Craigh na Dun, we said a lot of things, but there's one thing I didn't say. Couldn't. I haven't for 20 years. But I'm here, and now it's time. Goodbye Jamie Fraser, my love. Rest easy, soldier.


Claire: Where did you end up going?
Brianna: Fort William. [Claire is startled] Have you ever been?
Claire: Once. I didn't much care for the place.

But when I stand before God, I'll have one thing to say to weigh before all the rest. Lord, ye gave me a rare woman and God! I loved her well.


Brianna: What if Gillian is as crazy as she is? What if she thinks you can actually travel through a stone into the past?
Roger: Well then maybe we'll all get to watch her slam her head into a five ton slab of granite.

Outlander Season 2 Quotes

You have had an extraordinary adventure, Claire. Extraordinary. One that few people could even imagine. Treasure it. Keep it safe and secure, tucked away in some special place in your heart. Don't spend the rest of your days chasing a ghost, not when there's a man, a real, flesh and blood living man, who loves you still with all his heart.

Mrs. Graham

Oh. Frank. Hello. I'm back.