Wade: Aren't you going to take your camper?
Gordon: That's not my camper, Sheriff. It's Gordon's.

You think that Gordon had something to do with Haylie and she was murdered?


L'il Foster: I loathe you, I've adored you, I've forgotten about you. Still, I love you. I don't know G'Win. Run away with me. We'll find some other mountain. Raise our baby in peace. I have nothing but care for you now. For you or him or her.
G'Win: It's a her. You know we can't leave this hill.
L'il Foster: Then I'm begging you, give it up.
G'Win: What?
L'il Foster: That oak.

I know the truth and I'm going to tell the whole world I have proof.


It's time we go down there and take what's ours.


We don't want any trouble, come have a drink with me.


G'Win: You must be thirsty. This water, it comes fresh from our spring.
Haylie: Why am I here?
G'Win: Because you lead that coal company.
Haylie: No, no. There's been a big misunderstanding. I don't lead One Planet.

G'Win: I showed you mercy not having you drink that water. Mercy not shown to us.
Haylie: Who did this?
G'Win: You did. Your coal company.

The Farrells have been on this mountain for over two-hundred-years. We are not going to give up this fight.


G'Win: You've never lived off this mountain, have you?
Haylie: Your companies not going to change that.

G'Win: I think we get one of them up here... show them the harm they've caused.
Farrell: Ain't gonna come willingly.
G'win: I know.

The coal company poisoned our fields. What kind of people would do something like this?


Outsiders Quotes

Gw'ynn: Just find your fa. I'll handle Asa.
Little Foster: So you say.

You married my fa for this stick and then tried to poison him and when that didn't work you, had your lostie, Asa try to kill him.

Little Foster