I prefer actual silence to Aunt Sarah's voice.


When that happens, the last thing you're going to hold onto is anger for anybody or anything, right?


Joel: When have you not thought clearly?
Julia: Two years ago. I was not thinking clearly. I was pretty much unraveling. You left.
Joel: K. That's not going to happen again.
Julia: Good. But... I can't tell you that it won't happen again, that I'll be... I don't know, I know that I was hard to live with. I realize that it was rough.
Joel: Honey, I'll tell you this as many times as you need me to. I will never leave you again. I will never leave you.

Julia: I'm so glad they didn't see him. I'm hiding the father of my children from my children.
Sarah: Wow. How's that feel?
Julia: It feels crazy, but it feels like it's the right thing to do.

Well Crosby's old enough to know dreams can be put on hold, ya know?


Amber, I would say to you that life is short. You cannot know how impossibly fast it goes by, so just enjoy this baby. Cherish this time. Cherish every minute of it.


Joel: I don't know, I guess outside of the hospital is romantic.
Hank: Yeah, it was a little weird, yeah. You know, even when there's a right time to say something, I usually don't. I just figured, you know, I'm just gonna do it.

Zeek: No. I don't want the kids involved in this. We'll make the decision. You and me. OK?
Camille: OK.

I mean, God, Millie. How the hell did we end up here, like this? I just wish we could go back a couple of years, just, you know, you and me. Have some fun, you know?


I wanna be all in.


I don't know if your grandfather is going to be alright, but I know I'm a parent just like him and we don't hold on to any of that stuff.


Nurse: I'm sorry, it's family members only.
Julia: He's my husband.

Parenthood Quotes

Mom, I'm on my feet I'm not destitute. I've just got a little financial trouble and two degenerate kids, but I'll be fine.


Max: Isn't the game today?
Adam: Well buddy I thought you were done with baseball.
Max: It's my team.
Adam: Games in 10 minutes everybody.

Parenthood Music

  Song Artist
On my way back home On My Way Back Home Band of Horses iTunes
Song Smile Evil Twins
Well runs dry Well Runs Dry Peter Case iTunes