Jamie left me some money, so I don't need you no more. You can go to hell. Or California. Same thing.

Kate [to Tommy]

Elisa Marie: Did he text you in the last hour?
Aunt Dolores: Why are you asking me that?
Elisa Marie: I know the system. Proof of life every hour on the hour. How many hours has it been?
Aunt Dolores: Well, not since last night.

Elisa Marie: Wait, you know Tariq?
Tommy: How the fuck you think I found you?

Tommy: Dre's still alive. Can't let that motherfucker live.
Elisa Marie: Wait, wait, who's Dre? Where are we going? What about the recording?
Tommy: I was wrong about my brother. Now he's in trouble and I need to help him out.

Tommy: I'm done talking, Ma! Before I do anything else, I'm gonna kill Ghost.
Kate: Well you better hurry before he hits the campaign trail.

Elisa Marie: Can I ask you something? Did you kill my father?
Tommy: What? Why would you ask me a thing like that?
Elisa Marie: Because I wanna know the truth.
Tommy: My experience, nothing good ever came from knowing the truth.

He has had your back long before LaKeisha. He's your brother. He will always have your back.

Kate [to Tommy]

Tommy: I'm sorry, you mistook me for a fuckshot. If I knew anything, which I don't, I still wouldn't talk to you.
Blanca: Egan, if you help me with this, I'll let you skate on Pocho.
Tommy: Poncho? Who's Poncho? That's a stupid name.

Paz: There's a lot of things we didn't know about Angela. And it looks like she got herself in some trouble.
Junior: What she do?
Paz: She might have been an accomplice to Jamie St. Patrick and his drug business.
Junior: So she did this to herself?

So, Angela was up to no good and we can't prove with whom. I warned you that this might not look good for your sister. It doesn't look good for her. And it doesn't get us closer to St. Patrick.

Warner [to Paz]

Look, James loved your sister more than anyone. More than he ever loved me that's for sure. Tommy wanted to hurt him and killing Angela was the one way to hurt him the most.

Tasha [to Paz]

Warner: Saxe has got to be stopped.
Mak: I can't help you stop him. He didn't break the law in front of me. I can tell you he was obsessed with taking Angela down and James St. Patrick with her. Has he shown poor judgment? Sure. Criminal maleficence? I wouldn't really know.
Warner: Thank you for your time.
Mak: It's always nice to meet somebody from the regional office.
Warner: Fucking twat.

Power Quotes

Tasha: Wait, I've seen you before.
Ramona: I get that a lot. Ramona Garrity.
Tasha: Right. So, your husband couldn't keep his dick in his pants either. Girl, I know the struggle.

Tommy: The only reason you calling me now is because you ain't got nobody. That's why you lost today.
Ghost: Tommy, I say we put our differences aside and take Jason down together.
Tommy: Go fuck yourself. And the next time I see you, Imma cancel Christmas on your ass.