Tasha: I hope you get everything you deserve, Ghost.
Ghost: You know me, I always do.
Tasha: I never wanna see you again.

Tommy: I'm still your brother. But that's the game.
Ghost: Tommy, you gotta let me go.
Tommy: I can't do that, Ghost.

Tasha: You fucking kidding me? You're telling me to stop selling drugs?
Ghost: Tasha, I'm completely legit, oaky? Whether you support me or not. Whether you believe that or not. I know one thing, no one is going to get in the way of my future. No one.

Tommy: So you get everything you want, huh? And I got nothing. I got nothing? I got nothing!
Ghost: Tommy, you chose to have nothing, man! I said get out the fucking game!

Rodriguez, you're starting to sound like Saxe. And that's not a compliment.


Uncle Gabe: He'd like knowing that you came back to buy this place. Man, he'd be so proud of you, boy.
Ghost: He would be proud of me now, Uncle Gabe.

Warner: Are you on medication, Saxe? Do you need medication?
Saxe: He's about to run for lieutenant governor. He's a murdering drug dealer who's about to run for public fucking office.
Warner: And you think he's the first one?

Angela: What's she like? Ramona?
Ghost: She's not you.
Angela: She doesn't have to be.

Ghost: That's it, that's it, that's what you are. You's a wannabe gangster. A fucking wannabe. You had all the potential, Dre. But at the end of the day, you ain't got the, the shit to make it work,
Dre: Man, fuck you!
Ghost: Yeah, fuck me. But you need me, Dre. Like you always do. So Imma save you. Like the helpless little bitch you are.

Dre: Tommy keeps all his weight there. His boys, shit you could even probably find him there. Just arrest them motherfuckers. And leave me and my family alone.
Blanca: If this information is right, Tommy and his crew will be off the street by tonight. And we square.

Tate: I finally faced the truth about who you are, James. Or should I call you, Ghost?
Ghost: Who the fuck is Ghost?

You know, what? I'm done talking. I'm coming to kill you.

Tommy [to Ghost]

Power Quotes

Tommy: The only reason you calling me now is because you ain't got nobody. That's why you lost today.
Ghost: Tommy, I say we put our differences aside and take Jason down together.
Tommy: Go fuck yourself. And the next time I see you, Imma cancel Christmas on your ass.

It's like we used to say. They ain't see shit, we ain't say shit, so it ain't shit.