Tommy: We gotta check this bitch for a wire.
Tasha: Yeah.
Tommy & Tasha [to Ghost]: Not you!

Tommy: You understand why I did what I did?
Keisha: Yeah. And that's why we have to get away from Ghost and Tasha, Tommy. Ghost was supposed to be your family.
Tommy: He could have come to me if he knew about Teresi. He didn't say a goddamn word. And then this morning when I told him that I did it...I gotta go out.
Keisha: I know. Tommy? I'll be here when you get back.

Angela: None of you trust me after everything I've done for each one of you. For you Tasha.
Tasha: I know, okay. And I'm not ignoring that. But you're just like Ghost, you always put yourself first.

It was one time! And under duress. Jesus Christ. Besides, that award-winning performance is the reason why I am no longer a viable witness against you.

Proctor [to Ghost]

Ghost: You don't trust me.
Angela: And you don't trust me.

You have deceived me time and time again because it was convenient for you.

Angela [to Ghost]

Ghost: What do you want from me, Tariq, huh? What do you want from me, boy?
Tariq: Teach me the motherfucking game, Ghost.

I don't know how to trust you, Ghost.


Make the right decision. Choose yourself. Or you will be doing life.

Proctor [to Ghost]

Ghost: And family doesn't go behind each others back.
Tommy: You, you're kidding with that shit, right?

Tommy: Teresi, you was right.
Kate: I told you a million times, you're too trusting.
Tommy: I fucking killed him, Mom.
Kate: You did the right thing.

I've got some shit to do. I'll drop the head by later.


Power Season 5 Quotes

Angela- I'm going to have to turn you all in now, Tasha. And I'm going to have to testify against you and Jamie.
Tasha- Tariq shot him. With my gun.

Kanan- Dre's the problem, right?
Ghost- Right.