Ella: Sometimes I wish we were still in the basement.
Veronica: Oh my god. You remember how we got out of there?
Ashley: You know Pam didn't drink for a year after that.

Are you here to kill me?


I may not be able to see, but I can smell a bitch a mile away.


Like I promised you, I will always be here for her.


Hanna: Mona?
Mona: Who else would it be?
Hanna: Waiting for you, Charlotte.

Ezra: First, we need to get that body out of your trunk.
Aria: How?
Ezra: I have a masters degree in American literature. There's nothing I can't handle.

Spencer: How do you like the ladies room?
Caleb: It smells nicer.

Hanna: Maybe she went out the back.
Caleb: She would have set off the alarm.
Hanna: Well, she didn't just flush herself.

I don't have it anymore. Somebody stole it from me. Someone's always stealing the game for me.


My god, you guys are arguing like you're married or something.


Ezra: You have an alibi here. There's nothing linking you to Dunhill.
Aria: His body's in the trunk of my car.

Emily: It was just another police car.
Alison: That was the third one in an hour.
Emily: Yeah, they're watching us.
Alison: And they want us to know it.

Pretty Little Liars Quotes

We all have a past, Hanna. Aren't you curious what she's going to use against you?


The rest of you are gonna be waltzing off to sorority rush and I'm gonna be stuck picking up garbage in Rosewood. Yeah that'll be me, dodging A messages and wearing a big floppy hat to cover my bald spot.