I did tell you I would be the one to kill you.


Trust my instincts. They've gotten us this far.


You've been sleeping with the enemy, baby.


Lincoln: What happened to you, Michael?
Michael: Everything I did, I did for family.

Poseidon said Kellerman did not have the clearance to exonerate all of our crimes.


Sheba: I can rest when I'm dead.
Lincoln: I didn't know you worried.

Michael: We work together or we both die.
Ramal: I give my word.

Of all the things that mystify me in this world since I've been released, is that Kale is the rage. Kale.


I will miss you when you're dead. Only for a minute. Then you will be forgotten.


Your ISIL friends are destroying our city and you come in here asking for help?


I will not help you. There is nothing you can say that would make me change my mind.


Say what you want about Yemen, but they are not shy about prescriptions.


Prison Break Quotes

If you're playing me, I'll kill you.


Mike: What was my father like... my real father?
Sara: He was like a storm appearing out of a clear blue sky and then disappear just as quickly.
Mike: But storms... they can come back, can't they?