Addison: The plan is to meet a guy, fall in love, have a family, but you have to be specific: Be older than fifteen, meet the right guy, stay in love.
Sam: Stay in love. I knew I forgot something.

I just want Lucas to be happy. So, if that means you tearing me apart and making me look like the most horrible person on Earth, then please go ahead and do it because Lucas is worth it to me.


I do not believe Violet Turner is a fit mother.


You want to fight dirty? Let's fight dirty.


All I want to do is go home and kick off these incredibly painful shoes, eat pizza and watch some really bad TV where people's lives are more screwed up than mine.


[to Addison] First you sleep with your husband's best friend, then you sleep with your best friend's husband. You would be the worst person ever!


Addison: You're drunk.
Sam: I'm not that drunk.

Grown-ups are supposed to know what to do, but when we get scared sometimes, we don't.


If you're still in love with the Grey girl, go back to Seattle.


Addison: Have you ever considered adoption?
Sloan: Like when you pick parents from the Pennysaver?
Addison: No, that's just in Juno.

The problem is you are a sex toy I found on the Internet.


It's not my fault you are not a man.


Private Practice Season 3 Quotes

Violet lives. Save Violet. That is the goal here.


Sheldon: We. WE are in love with Violet. We are the possible father of her baby. We are the ones who ignored her concerns about Katie. WE, you smug, arrogant bastard!
Pete: But I'm the one she chose.