But why is it your job?

Christine Muldoon

Terry Muldoon: Next time, you pull the goddamn trigger and you shoot that son of a bitch. You got it?
Sean O'Bannon: Yeah, I said I got it.
Terry Muldoon: Hey, this is for your own goddamn good. You need to remove the part of your brain that questions things and just do it.

You want me wipe your ass for you too, you prick?

Vince Latucci

Fair? Fair? She's a hooker, Bull. Fair exited her life a long time ago.

Capt. Johanson

My father hasn't approved of a thing I've done since my mother died giving birth to me.

Rusty Patton

Charlie Bullman: Hey, hey, look who's here, the Yankee Clipper. Thought they transferred your ass by now. Must need you for the softball team, no?
Jimmy Shea: (muttered) Nice to see you too, hump.

Terry Muldoon: You still alive in there, dumbass?
Jimmy Muldoon: Leave me alone.
Terry Muldoon: He'll live.

As much as I would love to wish it was a random act of violence, I'm Irish and therefore can't help but expect the worst.

Terry Muldoon

Sean O'Bannon: I could get used to this.
Deirdre: What's that?
Sean O'Bannon: Watching you in the kitchen.
Deirdre: Well, you've got the wrong girl for that.
Sean O'Bannon: What's that supposed to mean?
Deirdre: Means I've got bigger dreams than cooking and cleaning.

I'm always amazed when I see a really good looking hooker. It's like, how did they end up on the street like that?

Sean O'Bannon

Vince Latucci: Speaking of the kids, Christine, they must be getting big. What are they up to now?
Christine Muldoon: You know, they're just your regular, all-American kids. Obsessed with their dead uncle, who was recently shot down outside a bar a few blocks from their luxurious one bedroom walk-up apartment.

Richie Kane: You know it was Rusty, and you want to do nothing?
Smitty: I don't care who did it. There's nothing to be gained by doing anything.
Richie Kane: It ain't a matter of what's to be gained. It's a matter of respect.

Public Morals Quotes

But the number one rule in our office is you do not draw attention to yourself. You have to take care of some thing, or some body, you do it out of the spotlight.


I want you to know, I'm proud of you. You know, when you were born, my, my dream, was that you, my oldest son, would grow up to be...an asshole.

Terry Muldoon