Just because our kids are engaged to be married you don't think I'll kill the bitch. Did you forget I killed my own brother, asshole? Camila better watch her ass and her damn head.


There are dirty cops everywhere. I have to stop running at some point. We'll make it work.


I want to see how you walk because you have bigger balls than any man I've ever met, to come sit at our table with a $10 million bounty on your head.


I might not be able to fire a bullet but I can take one for you and I will.


About seven miles out that way is a mass grave. It's filled with the bodies of dealers who thought just what you're thinking now; set up business here and don't give La Comisión a taste. A graveyard of ambition. Trust me, you want to break into this market it's going to cost blood.


Camila: I decide who my real enemy is, not you. Boaz is just a stupid bull.
Cortez: But he is a bull with a spear in his side and he is in the ring with you. Do not turn your back to him.

Revenge is like any drug, it can please you or it can rule you. Obsession will kill logic when you need it most.


Pote: My brother kept a weasel as a pet when we were niños. Found it as a baby. Gave it the bottle, slept with it like it was a stuffed animal. My parents trusted that weasel with my brother like it was a dog. One night when my brother was sleeping the weasel clawed out one of his eyes and ate it.
James: Sad ending.
Pote: Especially for the weasel.
James: Good talk.

You once told me I was better than Camila because I had a heart. This is what that looks like.


Girls have always been currency with the cartel. We can save them but it won't change that.


That girl was me when you met me. I know what it's like to be a slave to people who don't give a shit whether you live or die.


It's safer, faster, quicker, better. Don't you wish cocaine could be delivered digitally?

Rocco de la Peña

Queen of the South Quotes

I checked the car for GPS trackers. It's clean, for now. There's an old saying, the fish only sees the bait, never the hook. I know you lied to me about your car overheating, Teresita. Whatever you're hiding, it better be worth it.


Remember, in revenge as well as love, a woman is more barbaric than any man. We're the same. Never forget that.