Pote: Listen, Kelly Anne. This war with LaFayette, it’s really bad. I would like you to go and stay with Cheecho’s mom in uptown.
Kelly Anne: I’m not going anywhere. This is my family.
Pote: I know it is but Teresa needs your help with the business, not with a gun.

I’ve indulged you, Miss Mendoza. I’ve let you and all the riffraff in your organization walk around my city like you belong here, and it appears that my reward for not showing you my teeth is you forgetting your place, little lady. Well, let me tell you something, if you don’t hand over your man, I will hand you your head.


Mendoza’s smart enough to cover her ass and we have no idea what she’s got on us. Let’s not poke the bear until we have to, and when we do, we’ll keep our hands clean. Marcel will get the job done; she won’t see it coming.


There’s only one way to be safe in this business, to become powerful enough that no one can touch you.


You got Tony killed! You almost got Teresa killed. Now, you will die, Cabron.


Javier’s not running, he’s a cartel soldier. He knows he disobeyed the boss' orders and lied to her to boot. Look, he’s good with whatever you decide.


Oksana: Kostya is a very cautious man. It is rare that he meets somebody face to face. He does not trust people outside his circle.
Teresa: I understand that.
Oksana: I do not think you do, Teresa. If Kostya pays you a surprise visit, he’s the last person you will ever see.

Davis: You’re the only person she wanted to talk to. She tried to call you just before Randall pulled her from the truck.
Javier: It was Randall who killed her?
Davis: He does all the dirty work.

Gina: He trusts me. Kind of treats me like a pet. I was doing time for solicitation and the judge got me out on early parole, so he lets me know every chance he gets that he can send me back whenever he wants.
Pote: You’re a pet in a cage.
Gina: I hate him.

Boaz: Javi, make sure the bastard dies a painful death.
Javier: It will be done.

Working with you, Patrona, has been good. I owe that to you. Salud.


It didn’t have to be like this. If you’d trusted me I could have protected you but now I can’t.


Queen of the South Quotes

You could say that I am living proof that the American dream is alive and well.


My name is Teresa Mendoza. I am from Mexico. I was born poor, not that that's bad but take it from me, I've been poor and I've been rich. Rich is better.