Camila: There can only be one queen.
Teresa: You think I’m competing with you? You’ve never known me or understood who I am.
Camila: You tell yourself that. I know the truth. I knew it from the first time I took you in. I can see it in your eyes. You’re a wolf just like me.
Teresa: I am nothing like you.
Camila: Well, you don’t see it now, but you will in time and then you’ll understand why I did what I did and you’ll thank me.
Teresa: Thank you? Your ego is blind to all the pain you have caused. Even with a gun in my hand, with every reason to kill you, your arrogance still makes you believe that you matter.
Camila: I allow you to become what you always wanted to be.
Teresa: You allow me? Who are you to allow me?
Camila: Teresa, you’re my greatest legacy.
Teresa: You’re crazy.

Teresa: You’re going to live the rest of your life as a fugitive in your own country. I’m sending you into exile.
Camila: Kill me now or this won’t be the last time you see me.
Teresa: It will if you want Isabela to live. Castel has her and is keeping her safe, for now. You already destroyed her life. You killed her innocence. Try to make a move against me, you know what will happen to her.

[to Isabela] Because of her you have no father, no husband. She’s given you nothing but pain.


Isabela: Now’s our chance. We can escape all of this and never look back.
Camila: As long as Teresa is alive, we’re always going to have to be looking over our shoulder.

King George: We’ve both buried family in this war, the ones we chose. It feels harder.
Teresa: It does.

Taza: The shipment looks good. Two hundred kilos as promised.
Teresa: Fifty are yours.
Taza: That’s twice what we talked about.
Teresa: You got into this business to help your tribe survive. If you agree to leave in five years I’ll double your pay until then.
Taza: You have my word.

Camila: I know what you do to your victims, like Batman. You don’t scare me, Alberto.
Cortez: Brave words from a woman in captivity.

I did not order Kique’s death. You have to believe me, Isabela. I don’t care if I die right now as long as you understand that. I know I hurt you. I just wish you could forgive me.


Pull the trigger if it brings you peace. I will always love you, my daughter.


Cortez: You think I’m a fool. I know I’m already dead.
Teresa: You’re right, you’re not leaving here alive but how you die is up to you.
Cortez: Are you offering mercy?
Teresa: I’m offering you a bullet. You know the alternative.
Cortez: You live by the sword, you die by the sword. I knew this day was coming. As for Camila, you don’t have to find her. She’ll find you.
Teresa: I hope so.

Forty-eight hours ago we didn’t have a supplier; now we own the corridor all the way from Sinaloa to Phoenix.

King George

King George: He’s going to do a lot worse to her than he done to me.
Teresa: She knew the risks.

Queen of the South Season 3 Quotes

I hope she's living in a hole like a rat.


I'm sure you've heard the saying the ends justify the means. Most people think that's cruel. In my case, it's another day at the office. Lucky for me, I have people who handle the means.