Call if you're up in the middle of the night. Especially if you're up in the middle of the night.


When you say test... how exactly do you do that?


Jane, this has got to stop. You are not responsible for me or Maura.


Yeah, I just need to get some sleep. Like for a week or two.


In my dream I chase a killer into a crowd of people, and I can't see any faces. I can't see who's good and who's bad and I just keep circling.


Pot smoker: Dude, what if I smoke this all up and I don't like it? Is there a refund policy?
Vince: There totally is, dude. Just return the smoke in this jar.

Otis is the most wonderful, peaceful man. No one would want to hurt him.


The trick is to find the piece of himself every hacker leaves behind. The signature.


Some wounds heal with stitches and a band aid. Others require more time.


Jane: I'm fine.
Dr. Kaplan: Then why did you want to see me?

The ceiling is eating Kent. Good.


Vince: It's a gold rush.
Jane: It's a green rush.