Villa: It's over Ben.
Rosewood: I had your back. I looked out for you.
Ben: I didn't mean to take it that far.

We arrested the wrong person.

Leticia: Ricky had dinner with Simone Kilgore last night.
Rosewood: Master Chef Simone Kilgore?
Leticia: Master Chef, Shady Bitch, Racist.

Villa: What's your connection to Ricky?
Leticia: He was my boyfriend.

I admire you for having your friend's back, but your words are more lethal. Remember that.

Rosewood: Capt., I realize your connection to Ricky, but I'm going to need you to find your happy place.
Slade: Oh, this is the happiest I've been in years.

Slade: You running away like a little bitch?
Duane: I run from nothing.

My only focus is the release of an innocent man.


These past few weeks with Kayla and Tanya has been on point. I think it's time to double down.

He might be black, but it looks like he's about to crack under pressure.


I didn't mean to kill Carina. She just kept telling me she didn't love me.


Waiter: Got nuts?
Villa: Want to keep yours?