Liz: Papi, we have to go, come on, right now.
ICE Agent: Can I see some ID, please?

I came to the group home twice, you know. They weren't too keen on letting a junkyard dog who smelled like bathtub gin adopt a child. I don't blame them. Would have messed you up even worse. But I tried. I got one year, three months, and four days with Miss Louise and Miss Nora. No matter what, I can't pay you back for that.


He wasn't hunting them. He was helping them.


Everything he said is the truth. You're a good cop, mom. But, maybe tonight, just be a good person.


What's it matter? Everybody's dead. We'll never know the truth.


Max Evans, you are under arrest.

Sheriff Valenti

Michael: You came.
Alex: You asked me to.

Louise was a firecracker, honey. Just like you. It's why we all fell for her so hard.


Kyle: I know you're dying.
Steph: It's none of your business! We just kissed a few times. That doesn't give you unfettered access to my medical records!

Down the line, alien DNA could create a universal vaccine. This could end illness.


If you were the one who died, I would've fought like hell to save you too.


Forrest: Look, I like you. But I don't want to climb into somebody else's closet.
Alex: I cannot tell you how badly I wanna be done with this freakin closet.
Forrest: But you're not. And that's okay. Listen, if that voice in your head ever shuts up, give me a call. Because between you and me, making out with a hot guy in public is only made hotter when it pisses off all the bigots and homophobes.