Rosa: I don't know where I'm supposed to go for help.
Liz: Maria said you could borrow this. It'll suppress your abilities. So that you don't burn down rehab.

Michael: I came here to give you a speech on how much of a selfish idiot I am. I know you can handle yourself. It's hot as hell, actually. But the thought of something bad happening to makes me feel like someone's standing on my chest.
Maria: Hey, I promise I am not gonna leave you alone. You trust me?
Michael: Yeah. I guess that means I gotta let you explore this weird alien stuff.
Maria: Yes you do.

Jenna: You found me?
Max: Of course I did. We're partners.

I never thought I'd see her again. Thank you.


Michael: I'm lookin' for the sample of yellow pollen.
Liz: The stuff I swept off the floor after throwing it at Noah? I don't know, I didn't, I didn't see it while we were packing up.
Michael: Well, it was here a few months back! Did I miss an experiment where it grew legs and a fondness for the outdoors?!

Forrest: Oh, hey. You OK?
Alex: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You just, you got me in the leg that does all the extra work.
Forrest: What do you mean? [Alex pulls up his pant leg]. I'm so sorry. I, I had no idea.
Alex: No, it's fine. It's not usually the story that I lead with.
Forrest: Well, for future reference, you totally should. Heroes are sexy

Michael: You said you were 18 when your mom started getting sick, right?
Maria: She gave it to me as a gift for my graduation.
Michael: If this prevents you from having more episodes, it probably stops the neurodegeneration process, too. It's not kryptonite, Maria. This is preventative medicine. Keep it on.

Rosa: You're asking me to wear a costume for the rest of my life.
Isobel: Well, don't think of them as clothes. Think of them as possibilities. [picks up a dress] Dress for a life you want. So, this little lady, she is the highest-earning professional poker player in the southwest.
Liz/Rosa: Wowww.
Isobel: Ante up! [picks up another dress] Or, this bad bitch. She makes party favors for bachelorette parties. She can make literally anything into a penis. Think of it as a clean slate.

You're Charlie. Jenna Cameron's sister.


I know this flower. Its pollen has a paralytic effect on alien abilities.


I think Kyle Valenti's been abducted.


What if my genetic inheritance isn't just injustice? It's also superpowers.