Manes Jr.: I'm sorry I failed you.
Manes: Yeah, we had research backed up. We were keeping the bomb prototype on the premises anyway. If we're being honest, those specimens weren't going to last much longer.

Liz: Where's Max?
Isobel: I think I know where he might be.

Michael: If there's any chance Noah knows anything about this, we have to take that chance.
Max: Think about what he did to Isobel. Whatever you saw out there, I am so sorry, but Noah is not the answer you're looking for.
Michael: No, he's not, but mom was. He's all we got. He's weak. He's weak. He'll never be able to stand up to both of us if we work together. Keep our guns on him, give him the antidote we torture the information out of him.
Max: That's too risky. We are minutes away from this guy being a bad memory.

Max: Listen to me, Michael. There is nothing Noah has to say that is worth keeping him alive.
Michael: I have family, Max. I had a mother. I saw her. She's been a few miles away our whole lives. In some prison being tortured called Caulfield. And we never knew.
Max: How?
Michael: There are survivors from the 1947 crash. There were survivors. They all just got flambéed on the order of Alex Manes's father.

Isobel: I'm just trying to process this, figure out how I never realized what he was. After all this time...
Michael: Pod keeps him comfortable. I say we drag Noah out, torture some information out of him.

Noah: You need to listen my love.
Isobel: Don't use that word.

Max: This is the end of Noah's story.
Michael: Not until I get some answers. Not until I get the truth.

You left behind a war-torn, desolate planet to search for a place to call home.


Max: Where the hell is this place?
Michael: Underground, beneath my trailer. Used to be a fallout shelter. Now I use it for projects.

Liz: I'm gonna head to the hospital. The killer took my serum when they wrecked my lab. We need to make more. Only one dose left.
Isobel: How does the killer know about the serum?
Michael: The killer seems to know about everything. They could have possessed anyone at any time. They could have overheard us.
Max: They've gotten away with 14 murders. They need to believe they're still in the clear.

Isobel: The memory wasn't mine. I'm telling you. It was like someone else was inside of my body. Like they were using it. I can influence someone, but this fourth alien was much stronger. They were controlling me. It's like I wasn't even present.
Liz: So, we're back to square one. Anyone could have killed my sister.
Michael: Someone's guilty. Rosa was just the beginning.
Max: Except for Rosa, all of the victims were targeted after a Chenai at the Last Pony, Maria's meal for the disenfranchised.

Noah: So, the egg froze you while Liz Ortecho found a way to turn you back into an alien after you tried to turn yourself human so that you wouldn't black out and murder people with your magic hand?
Isobel: I really prefer pod to egg.
Noah: Where are you from?
Isobel: We don't know.
Noah: So, Max and Michael, too. God, of course. There are cowboys and aliens. It's against the laws of nature, Isobel, I...
Isobel: I know.
Noah: Did you get in my head? Did you influence me? Did you make me love you? Did I even choose this sweater?
Isobel: God, Noah. No. I would never choose that sweater.