Ross Mathews: I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times: “Two Cox is always better than one.”
Michelle Visage: I agree.
RuPaul: That’s true. Bam!

RuPaul: Are you ready to give them the Drag Race fantasy of their lives?
Queens: Yes!!
RuPaul: Here they come. Just act natural, act natural.
[All the queens do dramatic poses]

Heidi N Closet: [In confessional] Top 6! Lord have mercy. All these bitches thought I was gonna be one of the first whores out this door, but baby look at me. Top 6!
[Heidi shows six fingers]
Heidi N Closet: And that was the right numbers of fingers, honey.

Crystal Methyd: Before I can bring you into the House of Methyd, I need to ask you one very important question: How do you feel about glitter?
Grace: I love glitter!

RuPaul: Can I get a “Amen” up in here?
Michelle Visage: Amen! Jeff Goldblum, call me!

Raven: “F*** the GOP, get in the G-A-P.”
[RuPaul and Heidi N Closet burst out into laughter]
Heidi N Closet: Now can that be stolen is the question.
Raven: You can have it.
Heidi N Closet: Okay, here we go!

You’re trying to become America’s Next Drag Superstar. Now, I don’t know what’s that like.
[RuPaul bursts into loud laughing]


Jaida Essence Hall: Look over there!
Jeff Goldblum: Where?!
[Heidi N Closet laughs]
Jeff Goldblum: She keeps fooling me with that “Look over there!” business.
Rachel Bloom: I know. I got a controversial question coming up.
Jeff Goldblum: Ohhhh … controversial question!
Rachel Bloom: Jeff, look over there!
Jeff Goldblum: Hey, where?!
[They all laugh]
Jeff Goldblum: I fall for it every time too.

Widow Von’Du: Well Heidi, I know that you get a lot of s*** from pretty much everyone about how busted your mug is.
Heidi N Closet: Oh?
Widow Von’Du: So, I felt I should get you a new mug
[She pulls out a mug and everyone laughs]
Widow Von’Du: Try not to crack this one.

Gigi Goode: Crystal, now I know the judges are always saying that your makeup is just … umm … terrible. [Laughs] So, I got you the Season 1 filter, okay? It’s just a towel that you put over the lens of the camera.
[Everyone laughs]
Crystal Methyd: Thank you!

Jan: Everyone when I get home is gonna be so upset that she went home, and at least if there was any consolation, it could’ve been I would’ve won this challenge. I … it just sucks.
Jackie Cox: [In confessional] I think this is a build-up of weeks and weeks of her not breaking through to the judges. She also says she’s really upset about Brita, but I think it’s more that she’s upset neither her nor Brita have been able to live up to their reputations.

Widow is really selling the words and emotion of this song. I think Chaka Khan’s soul has now entered Widow and is coming alive on this stage.

Jackie Cox

RuPaul's Drag Race Quotes

Joey Jay: Filler queen.
[Joey Jay kisses and does a peace sign.]
Kandy Muse: [In confessional] Filler queen?!

Gottmik: She’s so cute.
Symone: Not a mean bone in her f****** body.
Utica Queen: Oh, you want a mean bone? I can’t believe she won with that hairline. [Points to Olivia Lux]
[Everyone laughs]
Utica Queen: [In confessional] Come on, edges girl!