Come on, Scorpions! You are going to take whatever you find around you and use it in some crazy way to save the day! Right?


Never say never with Scorpion.


Walter: It means a sandstorm.
Cabe: What the hell is that thing?
Happy: A storm made out of sand. It's right in the name.

Well trained professionals can be wrong, not me, but other people.


When I was a kid, my penpal wanted a postcard from Hollywood. Yours wants us to clear a minefield?


Listen, I have waited for a family my whole life, and Scorpion is it. And I am about to turn my ass into a pin cushion, so I can have more family. I am not going to let you blow up our family because you are a knucklehead.


Toby: What was that for?
Happy: Jerks don't get coffee.

Sometimes I have to let you do things that will hurt. I can't always protect you, even though I want to.


Because I like you Patty and not just as a friend. You're special to me.


Ralph: You did all that for a boy you didn't even know.
Paige: Imagine what I'd do to protect you.

We're kids who can kind of think like adults. It's a confusing time.


All you can do is have open, honest, communication and hope for the best.


Scorpion Quotes

Tim: I was a platform diver in high school.
Toby: Was there a sport you didn't play?

I don't want to lose her.