Dr. Cox: Hello! That is a nice ride, huh Dexter? I hate to bother you but could you explain to me one more time, what is it like to be a young, hip black guy?
Turk: You see Dr. Cox, what I'm going to do is to pimp this out. We are going to put in 22s on it and put some spinners on the 22s.
Carla: Oh and a DVD-player so the kids can watch Elmo!
Turk: You're killing me, woman!

Turk: I'm black, God knew my people would go through struggles so he gave us a lifetime of cool to compensate. Just like he knew white people would be rhythmically challenged and he gave you all this dance... (Dances awkwardly)
Dr. Cox: You're black? 'Cause last I checked you had a nerdy white best friend, you enjoy Neil Diamond, and you damn sure act like a black guy and these are all characteristics of white guys. Please understand, I'm a huge supporter of the NAACP. If you're don't know what that stands for, it's the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. And quite frankly, I always thought they should change the 'colored people' to 'African Americans' but then of course it wouldn't be the NAACP it'd be the N quad A or NAAAA. And I know this probably sounds like a digression but actually brings me back to my original point...do I think you're black? Naaaaaaaaa!

Turk: That's game, alright? That's game! You got next??
Dr. Cox: Yeah, I got next.
Laverne: Lonnie! Play with Dr. Cox.
Lonnie: Let's go!
Turk: Dude! Look at the glasses! Look at the mouthpiece!
Laverne: Dr. Turk is not aware that Lonnie was all-conference at Villanova.
Dr. Cox: Laverne, would you go ahead and thank whats-his-name for me?
Laverne: Jesus?
Dr. Cox: That's him.

Oh no, it's black Kojak and scary nurse-wife.


Scrubs Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

Janitor's narration: Quick, help him up, so he thinks there's hope for our relationship yet. (Helps J.D. get up and narration is transferred back to J.D.)
J.D.'s narration: Even though I had just spent the day locked in a water tower courtesy of the Janitor, as he helped me up, I couldn't help thinking that there was hope for our relationship yet.

Nurse walks into patients room
Nurse: Knock Knock!
Janitor's Narration: Who's there? Nurse Mop-head! Nurse Mop-head who?...You have a Mop-head!