Brad: Your sister coming again this morning.
Lip: Said she was, yeah. Tammi's dad showed up at my house this morning.
Brad: Bob?
Lip: Yeah.
Brad: Shit, what did he want?
Lip: Wants to know my plan.

Fiona: Hi, my name's Fiona, and I'm not sure if I'm an alcoholic.
Everyone: Hi Fiona.

Fiona: I don't really know what I'm supposed to do now.
Lip: The only thing you can do, you get back up, you start over.
Fiona: It's that easy, huh?
Lip: No.

Carl: Oh.
Tammi: What do you mean oh? Shut up.

Don't be mad. It's nobody's fault.


Debbie: What's that?
Lip: It's Fiona's shit.

Everyone remain calm. People do crazy shit when the electricity goes out.


Frank: If you need a little walking around money, you should hang with me today.
Fiona: Why would I do that?
Frank: Where there's panic, there's money to be made.

There's nothing going on between me and your girlfriend.


That bitch stole my oxy.


Frank: I am the hobo loco mofo.
Mickey: Okay.

Vasectomies. I googled it! It's an incision into my ball bag.