Waitress: Yo, wakey wakey.
Fiona: Get the fuck away from me.

Fiona: I've had a rough few months, but I've turned a corner.
Margo: People who say they've turned a corner, they haven't turned a corner.

Frank: That's the way we're going to play this thing?
Mickey: All's fair in love and hobo wars.

They're looking for someone with no purpose in life. I've finally found my calling.


Welcome to the South Side, bitch.


Fiona: You egotistical fuck. I haven't thought about you in weeks.
Debbie: We thought about you though.

V: Triplets?
Ingrid: Sextuplets.

Fiona: Jesus!
Debbie: That water you're using? We're paying for that.

Ford: I come in peace.
Fiona: Oh, fuck, no.

Turn this into more drinks.


I've been giving Fiona money for the bills. So has Lip. She just hasn't been paying them.


Frank, would you fertilize my eggs?