We have a moral duty to rip this asshole off.


Lawyer: They are prepared to settle, but they want Sparkles back.
Fiona: My dog?!

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Time to go Gallagher.


Well, I spoke to the Latham's attorney. Guy is a real piece of work. I think your roofer found his name on the back of a bus bench.


Kassidi: Do you love?
[Handcuffs Carl to the bed.]
Kassidi: Whoa! What the hell?

Lip: What are you doing, Frank?
Frank: Planning my retirement to bask in the spoils of a life well lived.
Lip: You mean leech of your kids and drink booze out of a backpack?

Kassidy: Marry me before you leave, dumbass.
Carl: Okay, fine.
Kassidy: Do you have a fake I.D.?

Lady: This is the lady who's been helping us.
Fiona: What's been going on?
Lady: They're paying us to crash here.

Ian: It's kind of nice being a thing again.
Trevor: The jury's still out.

Kassidy: What are we all talking about?
V: How important it is for Carl to stay in school.

Everybody's fucking somebody but me?


You fucked up, dude. She's pissed.


Shameless Season 8 Quotes

Frank: It came out great, Carl.
Ian: Where the hell have you been?
Frank: Smoked up all my meth, got over your mother and now I'm a new man.

Veronica: So, no more Tinder?
Fiona: No, V. I'm done with it. No more pointless sex bent over a dirty sink in a club bathroom, scraping my ass on a rusty ally dumpster with my underwear scraped around my ankles.