You did everything you could.


Rick: They've been using us for tests.
Helen: What kind of tests?
Rick: To see how fast we can heal.

Maddie: And Ian?
Ben: I couldn't save him.

Did you hear what I just said? How much they're offering?


Ted: They know you're helping her, you know. They're looking for you.
Ben: I know.
Ted: Alright, go on. Be careful.
Ben: Thank you.

I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that. Take her. You saved my life.


We sell her, we're set for life. You know what I call that? Justice.


Xander: There was no sign of Nicole in there?
Ben: No. Did you text her again?
Xander: Yeah, like twenty times!

We have a plan in place. We'd go into hiding if necessary. We're well supplied. Even our medical needs could be handled from here.


Ben: We can't do this with the military. Even if it was successful they'd never let us transfer the embryo back to Ryn. They'd want to control it.
Ryn: But it is mine!
Maddie: They would grow the baby in the lab without you.

Ryn: What is this?
Ben: It's for him. For the...donation. You know...for him to...
Maddie: I think you're gonna need to show him how to do it.
Ben: I'm gonna show him?
Maddie: You want me to do it?
Ben: No!
Helen: Oh, for God's sake! I'll do it.
Maddie: Wait, you're gonna do it with him?
Helen: I'm gonna teach him how to do it. The rest is up to him.
Ryn: Helen is a good teacher.

Helen: They could implant the fertilized egg. But extracting the egg and then fertilizing the egg requires special equipment and expertise they don't have.
Ben: Okay, so let's have the military do that part, then we'll get Beth's doctors to transfer it to Ryn.
Maddie: You just said the military isn't going to hand that embryo over.
Ben: They won't. We'd have to take it.

Siren Season 2 Quotes

We're going to get you something that's going to help you get by on land.


Your mother, my sister. Gone. I help you now. You are strong like mother.