I love you Jackson, from the deepest, purest part of my heart.


Unser: Let's do this quietly.
Gemma: Not exactly my style, sweetheart.

Nate: God forgives everyone, sweetheart.
Gemma: Yeah, I hope so.

This isn't about saving Gemma. It's about saving Jax.


Nero: Don't piss me off now junkie girl or you'll be riding in the trunk.
Wendy: Yeah, wouldn't be the first time.

Advanced Alzheimer's. I might as well be talking to a coat rack.


How'd we get from kids to cock sucking that quickly?


Gemma: Milo, like the dog.
Milo: Actually Milo was the cat. Otis was the dog.

Let's just say I'm living with more than one ghost.