I'm sorry for the pain you had to endure. And I'm sorry it's about to get worse.


Who do you think is going to make a bigger stain down there? You or that fat cat of yours?


Aurelio: Violence is not necessary.
Zareh: Why don't we test that theory?

Wanting is not the same as doing.


Saru: Outside can be challenging...
Su'Kal: Dangerous
Saru: ...but it is also beautiful. And diverse. And filled with wonder.

Osyraa: I would've come here too. Smart.
Burnham: Your approval means everything to me.

Regulator: Sir, I'm getting reports of a fire fight on Deck 7. Hostiles are advancing, heading to the bridge.
Burnham: What can I say? We are Starfleet.

Burnham: Ni'Var is here because of me. They trust me. Vance trusts me.
Osyraa: All the more reason I cannot.
Burnham: You're outnumbered and outgunned. You have nothing to lose.

Orion hearts have six valves. Blood flows in both directions. They are so much more complex than human hearts.


Zareh: This is what's called a no-win situation.
Burnham: I don't believe in those.
Osyraa: Well, then, you still have a lot to learn.

Even in fear, Su'Kal, you can still step forward.


Bryce: The Viridian won't just let us go.
Burnham: I don't expect them to which is why we have to eject the warp core and blow our way out.
Rhys: What?
Owo: We'll blow ourselves along with it.
Burnham: There's a chance we won't
Tilly: I was really hoping you would say that.

Star Trek: Discovery Quotes

Even in fear, Su'Kal, you can still step forward.


Duty and joy go hand in hand. Duty is there so you can continue to pursue your happiness. And joy is there so that you have something real to fight for.