Alex: Listen, I haven't been pregnant before.
Star: Why are you saying that like I have been pregnant before?

Simone: Alex is pregnant.
Carlotta: Well, that's inconvenient.

Okay, cut the Disney crap. We gotta sex this up a bit.


Hunter: You clawed your way into my world.
Star: I could claw my way into much better than your world.

Star: Why are you laughing, Alex?
Alex: I've never been in a fight before!

I'm sure you're going to spend all night trying to convince her, Uncle Jahil.

Star [to Jahil]

I get it. Y'all are close. It's Norman Bates creepy, but I get it.

Star [to Hunter]

Oh, here comes that little Latin girl that don't do nothing.

Miss Bruce [on Eva]

Cotton: That was a real date, Mama. He likes me.
Carlotta: Yeah? All of you? Does he know what you got between your legs?
Cotton: He does know and he likes all of it.

Do you think Destiny's Child ever went through something like this?


Girl, you in jail? I ain't even been there yet.

Cotton [to Alex]

I know all about loving a messed-up man. Like your father.

Rose [to Alex]

Star Quotes

Foster Mom: Where'd you get that phone?
Star: Obama

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Ever since Star was little, she believed her name was who she was. But I told her, fame is a trip, it ain’t love like a lot of people think. But Star wouldn’t listen. Star don’t listen to nobody but herself.