What if she's really gone? I mean, how am I supposed to accept a world without Kara in it?


You're right. I can't beat it. But I am going to do everything I can to escape it. Even if it means I just get an inch further every day. And I'm sorry for everything you went through. But I would rather live through torture and do something than just exist for the sake of it. The House of El is meant for more than that.


Nia: ...I'm never going to be the hero I want to be.
Brainy: I'm from the Legion of Superheroes, where everything we did was through the lens of Supergirl. Her virtue, her accomplishments, her drive. But you and I have had the opportunity to actually know her. And so we know she's more than just Supergirl. She's Kara. She is our beacon through the darkness. She's the example we all aspire to emulate. So, yes, you may fear that you will fail to live up to Kara's example. But I am here to tell you, in no uncertain terms, that you are not a liability to this mission. You are the reason it's going to succeed.

Lex: Mother, it almost feels as if you care more about the family name than freeing your son from bondage.
Lillian: I do. Our family has always achieved selfish aims by appearing selfless.

Obsidian North died for Lex Luthor's sins. Now I want our smart, splashy coverage to bury him six feet under.


People talk about the Zone as a place where time does not pass, but that isn't what makes it terrible. It's the creatures that give it its name. They feed on your fear by making you live it. They're like shadow spores that creep inside you and infect everything good and right. And then turn it against the host. Eventually, you forget that the phantoms are doing it to you at all. Your nightmare becomes your reality. That's when you go insane.


Kara: I want you to disable the satellites. You do that, I'll give you what you've always wanted.
Lex: What's that? And don't say hair. That's low-hanging fruit.

Brainy: What do we do now?
Lena: Try to cope with the mistakes of the past. And appreciate that we still have friends that believe in us.

Nia, you should hear this. I had to work with Lex to destroy Leviathan. Pushing you away, hurting you...it was to protect you. I love you.


Lillian: And your sister. You can't kill her either.
Lex: Why not? She killed me first.

Lena: You trust me? Even after everything...
Kara: You want to help people. Whatever else that's happened, I know what's in your heart.

I have done terrible things to protect myself and the people I love. But it has never kept me safe from pain. It's just brought me a new kind of misery. And I moved further and further away from the person I was until one day I woke up and I was utterly alone.


Supergirl Quotes

Beth: You know it's true what they say, behind every great man is a strong woman.
Lena: I wouldn't know, I've never stood behind a man.

Kara: I feel like -
Alex: You got punched by Superman?
Kara: Repeatedly.